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Find out what our students are saying!
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How To Market Your Cooke Real Estate School

Here are some questions asked by our partnering brokers about how they can market their Cooke Real Estate School

  • How can we get more students?
  • How can we advertise?
  • Does Cooke School Supply Signs?
  • How will people know we have a Cooke School?
  • How could we attract people driving by?
  • Does Cooke School Advertise?
  • What can we give prospects that stop by our office?
  • Can we link our schedule to our web site?

Great Ways to Market Your Cooke Real Estate School

Sign By Road is Great For Auto Traffic Sign Will Advertise A School Location

Window signs are GREAT Advertisements & Cooke Real Estate School supplies partnering brokers with as many as needed!  It also help students find the location of the office.

Advertise on Your Office building With Our Supplied Sign or Create Your Own Sign With Our Logo In With It!

Sign Broker Had Made @ EXIT Real Estate Professionals in Orlando.  We Help Pay and It Is Great Advertising!

Display Brochures & Pens Brochures

Display Brochures in Your Classroom and/or in The Front of your Office on a table or Secretaries Desk so it can spark interest.

We Offer the Course in English & Spanish so you may Advertise & Recruit for both languages.

Link Your Class Schedule From to Your Web site
On your company web site you should have a link for Careers, Employment and/or Real Estate Schools on your homepage.  On these pages you should talk about the careers and benefits that your company offers for Real Estate Agents.  On Cooke's Web site, each location has their own schedule, a picture of their office that links to map quest and their company logo that links to their web site.  So when students are looking at a schedule for your location they may want to look into your company before taking class and a Career Link can be very important, helpful, professional and eye catching!  Below are 4 offices that are currently taking advantage of this.   If you need help or ideas of how to improve your web site in recruiting new agents please call 800-943-9993..






Pine   Island


Sample ADs That Brokers Have Used That Help Market Their Cooke School

Sample AD #1          Sample AD #5         
Sample AD #2          Sample AD #6         
Sample AD #3          Sample AD #7         
Sample AD #4          Sample AD #8         

See all Sample ADs in a Power Point Presentation