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How to Set Up Your Cooke Real Estate School
Here are some pictures of the equipment setup for the school.  Please review, become familiar with it and feel free to print them out and then call 800-943-9993 and ask to speak to one of our technicians and schedule and appointment time to have them walk you step by step through setting up this equipment.

Front View of Setup
The picture to the right shows how the equipment should be arranged.  The polycom will be in a separate box for insurance reasons.
  1. Assemble the cart with the post given and make sure that the smaller post are at the bottom and the larger post are at the top.  The wheels will already be on the bottom and the middle section will already have the supply box bolted on and the microphone, power strip and power supply secured as well.  The recruiting law placard needs to be on the bottom of the cart along with the instructions for the student about the school and equipment.
  2. The television goes on top of the cart with the polycom in the center and the pen cup and brochure holder secure on each side. 
  3. See Back View of Polycom

Back View of Polycom

This is the back of the Polycom and there are four cables that are going to used. Here they are starting from left to right.

  • RJ-45 Cable - First On Left
  • Microphone Cable - Second
  • Power Supply Cable - Third
  • Composite Cable - Fourth

Back View of Setup

This what the setup will look like when complete.

Once setup is complete, call our office to speak with our Technician who can walk you through getting the equipment set up to your internet connection.

Individual Pictures of Equipment
Front View of Polycom Microphone

Composite Cable Power Supply (2 Different Kinds)

RJ-45 Jack RJ-45 Cable

Polycom Remote Control Microphone Cable