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Find out what our students are saying!
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Are you are a Real Estate Broker interested in expanding and developing your business by recruiting new agents? If so, Cooke Real Estate School partners with Real Estate Brokers across the state of Florida to provide Real Estate License Courses by live video conference in local real estate offices. 


  1. The Brokerage Firm needs to designate a small room 10 x 12 (example) for the classroom. The Sales Associate License Course is offered Monday through Friday and and occasionally Tuesday through Saturday. The students need to be able to get access to the classroom from 9:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. Monday through Friday . Please note, a couple of times a year the course does go into Saturday.
  2. The Partnering Broker must set up an office access policy for the students. We suggest a lockbox on a side door.  The office must have arrangements in place for the students to get access to the room when no office personnel or agents are in the building. 
  3. The Partnering Broker must have an office Internet connection with a routable (Static) IP address dedicated to the video conference connection.  The bandwidth needs to be a minimum of 512Kps upstream and 512Kps downstream.
  4. The Partnering Broker must provide an updated television monitor or a plasma/LCD.  The minimum size requirement for the monitor is 27 ".   If the Partnering Broker selects a standard television set, the school recommends a Sharp television, approximately $220.
  5. The Partnering Broker will be charge $50.00 every other year (site real estate license fee) to be in the school network. If any student signs up through their company website, through the special link the school will provide, there will be a 20% referral fee paid on the gross tuition fee paid by the student.  The referral fee will be paid if the students signs up for any of Cooke’s streaming video or video conference courses.  It doesn’t have to be a student going to the broker’s location. 
  6. The Partnering Broker must have a full time receptionist working during normal business hours. 
  7. The broker or a representative must be willing to meet the students on the first day of class to make them feel comfortable and to show them the facilities.

Benefits of having a Cooke School in your office:

Having the real estate license courses taught in your real estate office, such as the Sales Associate License Course, 45 Hour Post, etc. is an excellent method to meet new perspective agents and to help develop an image in your community as the "place for real estate education".

Cooke has been using the video conferencing method of presentation since 1999.

Since that time we have had a number of brokers join our school network.  This partnership arrangement has worked out well for many brokers. Many of our brokers today are the same brokers that have been in the program since its inception and continue to be excited about what opportunities we bring to their office.

What is the next step if you are interested?

If your firm is ready to be a Partnering Broker,  please complete the following form and fax it to Mark Jennings at 1-866-280-5948 . 

This form is in an Adobe format.  PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT

We encourage you to call the school and speak with Mark Jennings or Frank Cooke about any questions you might have. The phone number is 1-800-943-9993.

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