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Florida Real Estate License 45 Hour Post License Course by Video Conference - Textbook Included
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Tuition Fee: $145

All of Cooke's In-Class courses are presented by Live Video Conference into Real Estate Offices throughout Florida

This live video conference course does include the textbook for the course

Post-Licensing Education for Real Estate Sales Associates by Edward J. O'Donnell. For excellent additional supplemental course materials, visit our On-Line bookstore. Once the student registers for class a textbook will be mailed to the student.

For additional supplemental course material visit our On-Line bookstore.

All study materials will be shipped Media Mail

Any books shipped outside the US will have additional charge for shipping.

Instructor interaction in class and outside class

This course is live presentation, person to person communication, so Cooke and its instructors encourage students to ask questions at various intervals during the course. There is little difference in this course presentation than in a conventional classroom with the instructor in the same facility.

Cooke Real Estate School has an instructor available for questions about course material by e-mail With an e-mail to the instructor, the student will have a written document of the response. For questions by e-mail, there is a 24 Hour response time Monday through Friday, E-mails over Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday will be returned the first business day.

How does this live video conference course work?

  1. This course is composed of 14 chapters of course material. The course is composed of Lecture, Chapter Quizzes, Questions and Answer periods and some time is give to study the course material.
  2. If the student has a question anytime during the course, the student can certainly ask the question and the instructor can see you, the student, and can respond exactly as if the student were in the same room.
  3. Students must attend the 45 hours (50 minute hours) of the class. The students must attend the class in-person at a video conference center. The student is monitored for attendance and roll is taken many times throughout each session. Course quizzes and participation are required.
  4. The student may miss a maximum four hours (50 minute hours) of class. If the student misses more than the allowed time, the student must make up those hours and the specific study matter the student missed.
  5. Once the student has successfully completed the course hour requirements the student will be able to take the Course Exam.
  6. The course exam is given at the end of the required hours of the course.
  7. The final exam is a timed three hour exam. The exam is multiple choice with four choices. The student must score a 75% or more on the end-of-course exam.
  8. If the student fails the end of course exam, the student has two options.
    a. The student can take the class again
    b. The student can wait more than thirty days and take the exam again.
  9. If the student fails the 2nd Exam, the student will need to take the class again.
  10. Once the student successfully completes the end-of-course exam, the student must give the school a minimum of three business days to obtain their certificate.

Information the student needs to know before registering for this course:

  1. Tuition fee for this course must be made in full. If after the student has registered for the course, the student decides to they would like a refund, the refund is less a registration fee of $50.
  2. Once the student attends a course, if a refund is requested, a $50 registration fee will not be refunded. The request for a refund must be made in writing before the end of the third hour of the course. After the first three hours of attendance the tuition fee is non-refundable. The student can retake the course for ONE year after registering for the course based on availability of space at the video conference center the student chooses to attend.
  3. The Video Conference In-Class student CAN NOT change to an On-Line web based course or vice versa. A current On-Line web based course student CAN NOT change to the In-class video conference course without paying the full tuition fee of $145 for the In-Class video conference course.
  4. At the time of registration for the In-Class Video Conference Course, the student will receive an e-mail confirming their registration and some information on what to bring to class along with the time-line of the course.
  5. Upon completing the course, RE Campus posts for Cooke Real Estate School a daily report of student's final grade report. The staff at Cooke reviews this report daily, Monday through Thursday, and mails the completion certificates to those students who have successfully received a grade of 75% or better. Allow three to four business days to receive this completion certificate.

Here is the Time-line for the 45-Hour Post License Course:

Time (50-minute hours)
3 Hours - Chapter - Brokerage Relationships and License Law Update
3 Hours - Chapter - Federal and State Laws Affecting Real Estate
3 Hours - Chapter - Real Estate Ethics, Education, and Planning
3 Hours - Chapter - Information and Technology
3 Hours - Chapter - Valuing Residential Property
3 Hours - Chapter - Listing Real Property
3 Hours - Chapter - Working With Buyers
3 Hours - Chapter - Sales and Option Contracts
3 Hours - Chapter - Exploring Mortgage Alternatives
3 Hours - Chapter - Acquiring Financing for the Property
3 Hours - Chapter - The Closing Process
3 Hours - Chapter - The Closing Statement
3 Hours - Chapter - Analyzing Real Estate Investments
3 Hours - Chapter - Professional Property Management
3 Hours - End-of-course Exam

45 Total Hours

Below is the Link to Cooke Real Estate School's Course Video Conference Locations. Click on the location nearest you. Complete the On-line registration form. An e-mail will be sent to you to confirm your registration and the textbook for the course will be mailed.
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