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Florida 14 Hour Continuing Education for License Renewal


Enjoy  taking this course

in the comfort of your own home.

By popular request, we have programmed

a new course feature in this online version. 

There is now an end-of-course exam "save" feature allowing the student to come back

to the exam at a later date, if the student

can not complete the exam in one sitting.


Why is this program the best on the market today???

  • Video presentation by instructors are available for those who are interested.
  • Quizzes are optional for students wanting to test their knowledge.
  • The textbook for the Florida course is provided instantly by a PDF link, no waiting for a textbook in the mail if the student selects the PDF version.
  • The textbook is provided in a PDF format and is in a printable or non-printable format depending on the course purchased.  The PDF book format is excellent for searching for material of interest in the textbook.

Choose from one of the four course options below to satisfy your 14 hour license renewal requirement.
Course options are non-transferable.

$17.95 $19.95
Online Streaming Video
with "E-book"
Online Streaming Video
with "E-book"
  • 14 Hour Continuing Education Streaming Video Course
  • Cooke's "Escrow Management and Law Course" provides both the 11 hour specialty requirement and the 3 hour core law course that is required for license renewal.
  • Includes a printable E-book.
  • 14 Hour Continuing Education Streaming Video Course
  • Dearborn's Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals Course" provides both the 11 hour specialty course requirement and the 3 hour core law course that is required for license renewal.
  • Includes a non-printable E-book

$19.95 + Shipping $34.95
Online Streaming Video with paper "Textbook" Online RECampus Course where the textbook is the course online.
  • 14 Hour Continuing Education Streaming Video Course
  • Dearborn's "Continuing Education Real Estate Professional Course" provides both the 11 hour specialty course and and the 3 hour core law course that is required for license renewal. 
  • The paper textbook is included
  • 14 Hour Continuing Education in a readable format only
  • Dearborn's "Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals" online course is composed of reading the textbook on a computer screen.  This course provides both the 11 hour specialty course and the 3 hour core law course requirement for license renewal
  • No textbook is included for this course

Instructor contact

After you have enrolled, if you have questions relating to the course material, a licensed real estate instructor will be available for questions Monday through Friday between 9:00 A. M. EST and 5:00 P. M. EST. Call TOLL FREE 800/943-9993.  

We highly recommend, as the best method of communication with our online instructors, is by e-mail at   Instructors will respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday  and emails sent on Saturday, Sunday or holidays will be answered the next business day.

Technical Issues:  Students, please view the following items: 

  • To experience the best results from a technical perspective on the course, please view the following RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE.
  • Call TOLL FREE (800)943-9993 Monday through Friday 8:30 A. M. to 5:00 P.M. EST.
  • E-mail at
  • Chat at the top of every web page and Student Page.

How does this On-line streaming video program work?
  1. At the time of registration for this online course, the student will receive two emails. One email is a receipt for purchase and the second email verifies the student's registration with a user name and password to access their Student Page.
  2. Students can access their Student Page by going to a Cooke web site then to the light blue icon on the right side of all web pages:  "Cooke School Student Login".  Insert user name and password received in the email in the place where indicated and the student will then be on their Student Page with their name at the top.
  3. The PDF textbook is immediately available with the textbook link at the top of the Student Page, if the PDF textbook version is purchased. If the paper textbook version is the purchased, the textbook is mailed by Priority Mail by the U.S. Postal Service.  The Postal Service advertises two to three day delivery.
  4. Each course is composed of 8 Sessions. Each unit has a video stream presentation of the course presentation and a Quiz.
  5. The quizzes and presentations are available for students who are interested in completing the program but completion of the quizzes is NOT necessary to successfully complete the course.
  6. Students can access the exam as quickly as they feel comfortable in doing so.
  7. The final exam is a 30 question multiple choice exam and the student must score 80% or more on the end-of-course exam.
  8. The exam is open book exam and NOT timed.

Information the student needs to know before taking these courses.
  1. Once the student purchases this course, the student CANNOT get a refund.
  2. If the student fails the online end-of-course exam, the student needs go back into the exam and a second exam will issued. .
  3. The student can work through the course at the student's convenience. Once the student signs up for the course it is good for six (6) months.
  4. Every online student must affirm they are who they are upon registration and before taking the final must agree to the following affidavit: "I affirm that my work in this course, including the end-of-course exam, is based on my own personal efforts, unassisted by any unauthorized individual. I understand that receiving unauthorized assistance or tampering with course results will invalidate my course credit and may be a cause of action under the real estate laws and regulations in Florida." (Also, please note that the textbook is included in this course and can be referred to throughout the course, including the exam).
  5. The online course may be utilized six (6) months from date of purchase and the PDF textbook can be saved on the student's computer for future use.
  6. Upon successfully completing the end-of-course exam, students are asked to e-mail the school at: that they have successfully completed the course and exam.
  7. The school reports all completions to the DBPR web site Monday through Friday. Please note that it may take 24 to 48 hours to show up on the state web site.  A Certificate of Completion is instantly available and can be printed out or saved on the student's computer.  If the student is not able to access the completion certificate the school can email one to the student,  just email us at and let the school know of your request. 
  8. Students must NOT wait until the last day before their license renewal date to take this course. It is HIGHLY recommend to start the course at least 45 days before the license renews and to take the final exam more than 30 days before their license renewal date. Remember , if the course is not completed and passed by the renewal date. your license will become involuntary inactive.
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